(7iC+) Tranfer Promotion Script

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(7iC+) Tranfer Promotion Script

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 30, 2016 3:22 pm

*You MUST be 7iC or above to promote someone.*
*ATT the worker you want to promote to a unit  and ask when was the last time they were promoted then  take them to the promotion office if they haven't been promoted in the last 3 hours*
You have been working very hard at FLE and I’d like to promote you to a Unit!
Please pick from Training, Justice, Judiciary, Security, and Transfer.
If you would like me to provide you with some information about each Unit please ask.

*Provide info about the Units IF they ask*
*When they have picked a Unit*

If they pick Transfer Unit:
The transfer Unit is the unit for transferring workers from other agencies to our agency.
If you are carrying out a transfer you are in charge of logging it in your OWN logs and performing it properly.
Okay, if you change your mind later on you can always switch Units.
Welcome to the Transfer Unit!
Your are now a [rank]  your role will be to transfer .
Before I AE you, you need to make an account on our forums. Please go to http://fleforums.board-directory.net/ and make an account.
If you have any difficulties I will be happy to guide you through it.

*After they have made an account*
Okay now go to Transfer Unit.
Then at the bottom click Transfer Logs Template.
Copy the part that is NOT in red.
Then go back to Transfer Unit and click Transfer Logs.
Here are you logs.
Click “New Topic”.
Name it with your username and tag.
Your tag must be FOUR letters long.

*After they’ve created a thread*

Okay now go back to Transfer Unit and click Transfer script.
Open up word document and copy and paste the script.
Change all the parts in red. E.g. [your name] You would type in your name or Username.
Please do not alter the script without permission from founders or Head Of Transfer Unit (head of transfer unit).
Transfer script is also available on our website http://freshhotelfle.weebly.com/.
Lastly please change your motto to [FLE] [rank] [Your tag]  [Promoters tag]
When you’re done you may head back to base using navigator.


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