(7iC+) Justice Unit Promotion Script

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(7iC+) Justice Unit Promotion Script

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 30, 2016 3:18 pm

*You MUST be 7iC or above to promote someone.*
*ATT the worker you want to promote to a unit and ask when was the last time they were promoted then take them to the promotion office if they haven't been promoted in the last 3 hours*
You have been working very hard at FLE and I’d like to promote you to a Unit!
Please pick from Training, Justice, Judiciary, Security, and Transfer.
If you would like me to provide you with some information about each Unit please ask.

*Provide info about the Units IF they ask*
*When they have picked a Unit*

*If they picked Justice Unit*
The justice Unit is the unit for workers to help demoted/striked or fired workers.
You will start off as a debater debating for or against bills/rehiring fired workers or lifting demotions/strikes.
If you get promoted you will be writing and editing bills if you have any ideas on how to make FLE a better environment.
Okay, if you change your mind later on you can always switch Units.
Welcome to the Justice Unit!
Your are now a  Trial JU, your role will be to debate.
Before I AE you, you need to make an account on our forums. Please go to http://fleforums.board-directory.net/ and make an account.
If you have any difficulties i will be happy to guide you through it.
A HR will tell you beforehand that you are debating and they will tell you where to find the case on the forums.
You will pick for or against and be set a date for when u will debate.
Last, please change your motto to [FLE] Trial JU [Promoters tag]


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