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Transfer Script

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 29, 2016 10:54 pm

Please note you have to be at least {7iC} to transfer somebody.

Welcome to the FLE Transfer Desk.
I will need to ask you questions before you transfer if that is alright.

What was your previous Agency Called?
Does your agency have a website/forums?
Was you in an iC unit? If so please state.

==If they do not have a website/forums their Transfer will be Declined==

4) Who was the owner of your agency?
5) How long has your agency been running for?
6) I can’t offer you anything above {RANK}, If that's alright?

Once they Give you all this information search the owner of the agency, and check there website if they claim to have been a higher rank then do not accept it unless they show proof of them being on the site.

==Give them a rank which seems suitable==

==If there transfer is accepted==

You’re now an official member of FLE,
Please enter the base through the FTF desks.

==If there Transfer Is not Accepted==
                                          Sorry, but your transfer was declined.


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